Six steps for lunchbox success

Busy and oft frazzled mum of two, Lillian Murphy says her little ones have as little as five minutes to eat their thoughtfully prepared lunch so she has come some handy tricks to ensure lunches are eaten.

playschool kids having a snack

Lunchboxes can be a source of conflict and frustration as you try to find the perfect healthy lunch that your children will actually eat. That's challenging enough, but factor in a quick class room turnover and all your hard work can be in vain. In many primary schools, children have a very short time to eat their lunch and so even the humble ham sandwich can find itself abandoned as time runs out and children are sent out to the playground.

Sandwich soldiers

Never out of fashion, cutting sandwiches into soldiers or thin stripes means the food can be eaten quickly in small bites.

Sweet strawberriesa handfull of strawberries

Some fruits can be daunting for a 5 year old – and hard to munch through in short space of time. Grapes, strawberries, raspberries are a handy alternatives – yummy, healthy and quick to eat.

Carrot sticks

Cutting sticks into batons which can be dipped into humus and eaten easily. Or fussy eaters can munch on them as crunchy veg.

Cherry tomatoescherry tomatoes in a hand

Cherry or plum tomatoes are nature’s ultimate small sweet snack, easy to find in the supermarket, and easy for kids to eat.

Cheese cubes

Yes please! Cheese cut into bite size cubes is the perfect quick-and-easy protein and calcium snack.

Applesa pair of hands holding an apple

Apples can have a hard time in school – one maybe two bites, and they are often lobbed into the bin. Try cutting them up into slices and then wrap a rubber band around the sliced apple put it back together.


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