Shopping tips

Every year avoidable food waste costs us a mint – check out these top tips and start to save right now!

Before you go shopping

  • Check your fridge, freezer and store cupboards and plan menus around what you find.
  • Make a list of the other ingredients you’ll need.
  • Don’t forget to eat before you go  – you’ll buy more than you need if you shop on an empty stomach!
  • Try to leave the kids at home – you’ll be less likely to panic buy if you do!

At the shops

  • Stick to your list!
  • Always check use by dates on special offers as they are often quite short. But they can be good value as long as you use them or freeze them before that date is past – and in fact, they can be quite a handy way for stocking up the freezer..
  • Unless you’re buying for a large number of people, try to buy loose fruit and veg.
  • Check use by dates to make sure you’ll have enough time to use everything you buy.
  • Try shopping online for the basics – it means you won’t get distracted by all the goods on shelves.

At home

  • Put fresh food away as soon as you get home. When you’re putting it away check use by dates to see what you should use immediately and what you should freeze.
  • If you’ve bought things like chicken breasts in bulk, put whatever you’re not likely to eat straight into the freezer to use later.
  • Always measure rice and spaghetti before cooking to make sure there’s enough for everyone – but not too much!
  • If food is close to its use by date and you’re not ready to eat it immediately, cooking it can extend its life by a number of days. Just remember to cool and refrigerate it as quickly as you can.
  • And remember - even limp looking veg can make a great tasting soup!