The Hands of Doom

the hands of doom logoThe “Hands of Doom” drama kit aims to teach primary school pupils the importance of hand washing. Taking the classic concept of good triumphing over evil, the kit can be used by teachers in the classroom to put on a drama show by pupils which uses comic characters, jokes and songs to communicate simple hygiene messages.

Age: 3rd-6th Class in ROI and Key Stage 2 Drama in NI

Topics covered: Hand washing

Format: The kit consists of 5 workbooks: “How to get started”, “Script and Music”, “Costumes, hats and props”, “Acting tips”, and a “Classroom Workbook” on food hygiene.

The kit also includes a CD soundtrack and a VHS recording of schools performing the drama.

How to access the resource: Contact the safefood helpline on 1850 404567 (ROI) 0800 0851683 (NI) for a free copy of the Hands of Doom kit. The English version of the pack is also available for download below by clicking on the links below.

Download the Panto Pack

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files. If you need to you can download Adobe Acrobat here.

Book 1 - How to get started (PDF, 500KB)

graphic - How to get startedHow to get started
Lesson plan to develop hygiene and food safety knowledge
Literacy workshop to familiarise the students with new words
Food safety and drama resources

Book 2 - Script and Music (PDF, 550KB)

graphic - Script and MusicIntroduction of characters
Full script and directions for staging
Sheet music


Book 3 - Costumes, hats and props (PDF, 350KB)

graphic - Costumes, hats and propsTemplates and guides for hats
Costume and face painting suggestions
Instructions for tricks found within the show
Scenery suggestions


Book 4 - Acting tips (PDF, 200KB)

graphic - Acting tipsTips on how to introduce the play to the group
Suggested warm-up games
Additional reading


Book 5 - Classroom workbook (PDF, 200KB)

graphic - Classroom workbookLesson plan for other classes
4 worksheets with answers supplied
Leaflet for parents
Stickers & Posters
Programme cover

Additional Resources