Clean Hands - make a song and dance of it

We’ve developed a song and dance that teaches children how to wash their hands properly. For children in the first two years of primary school, the video, lyrics and dance steps make it easy and fun to learn.

Watch the video

Learn the words

Before you handle your food
And after you have used the loo
There's one thing you really must do
And that is to wash your hands

STEP 1 Put your hands right under the tap
STEP 2 Turn the water on
STEP 3 Get the soap and rub a dub-dub... the germs will soon be gone!
STEP 4 Bubbles everywhere
STEP 5 Bubbles in the air
STEP 6 Rinse the soap away
STEP 7 Dry your hands with a towel that’s clean...


YOU'RE DONE, that's the way we'll all have cleaner hands - HURRAH!"

Learn the dance steps

Use this version of the video to teach your class the dance steps.

It's easy to include this video on your own school's web site - just copy and paste this code onto the page.