When Sammy met Sally

Sammy was a scavenger. Sally loved fresh food. Sally taught Sammy to love fresh carrots. Together they were fitter (not fatter).

Illustration of the squirrels Sammy and SallyThis free booklet aims to increase a child’s experience of healthy food from an early age and encourages a positive attitude towards a healthy diet. You and your child can decide together which end of the book to start with - Sally’s story or Sammy’s story. The idea is that you then read the other story, and finish with the fun, fold-out section in the middle, where Sammy realises the error of his ways and devotes himself to a lifetime of healthy lunches with his new friend Sally!

To get the most out of this booklet:

  • Cover of the bookletEncourage your child to talk about foods they like and foods they dislike.
  • Try out some new healthy snacks at home and in the lunchbox which your child thinks Sally might enjoy! Note that nuts are not suitable for preschool due to the potential risk of choking.
  • Talk about favourite fruits and vegetables and plan, with your child, how you can include them in meals.
  • Ask your child to think about what Sammy should be eating to feel healthier and fitter?
  • Discuss why Sammy decided that he would have lunch with Sally from now on.
  • Talk to your child about the kinds of food which make you and them feel good.

By talking with your child about this, you can help them understand which foods are good for them. We hope that you and your family enjoy reading this booklet together and that it plays a part in helping to set your child up for the healthiest future possible.

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