Sammy and Sally have a picnic

This fun booklet helps to explain the concept of recycling to small children and its importance in protecting our environment.

illustration of sammy and sally the squirellsIt’s a sunny day and Sammy and Sally pack some healthy foods and head outdoors for a picnic in the countryside. When they finish the picnic they make sure to tidy up after themselves. Sammy is surprised to see that the picnic area has 3 dustbins. “Why are there so many dustbins?” he says.

Sally explains one is for paper, one is for glass and plastic and one is for food waste. The paper in the paper bin can be made into new paper, the glass and plastic can be made into new glass and plastic and the food waste can be made into compost to feed plants.

Sammy and Sally learn that it is important to recycle or else the beautiful countryside will be full of rubbish.

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