Sammy and Sally Grow Together

This fun, free story book for small children aims to teach them about the goodness of vegetables, where  they come from and how they grow.

Girl reads Sammy and Sally in her gardenThe story follows two squirrels, Sammy and Sally, as they plant seeds, look after them, watch them grow and then eat what  they have grown. The book also explains how Spring plays a part in helping fruits and vegetables to grow.

To get the most out of this booklet:

  • Ask your child to think about the different seasons and the weather they bring
  • Grow some cress seeds together in a small pot, to see how water and sunshine help things to grow.
  • Encourage your child to talk about vegetables they like and dislike.
  • Discuss the difference between which vegetables’ leaves and roots we eat.
  • Talk about favourite fruits and vegetables and plan, with your child, how you can include them in meals.
  • illustration of sammy and sally the squirellsTry out some new healthy snacks at home and in the lunchbox which your child thinks Sammy and Sally might enjoy! Note that nuts are not suitable for preschool due to the potential risk of choking.
  • Talk with your child about the kinds of foods which make them and you feel good.

The book contains two stories so you and your child can decide together which end of the book to start with - Sally’s story or Sammy’s story. The idea is that you then read the other story, and finish with the fun, fold-out section in the middle.

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