Healthy snacks and food swaps

Children have small stomachs so they require food at regular intervals, roughly every 2-3 hours. A meal should contain 4 food groups, while a snack should contain 2 food groups. Healthy snacks provide key nutrients and energy for the growing child.


Food snacks


Fresh fruit pieces (apple, banana, kiwi) and milk. Juicy - orange, plum, pear, pineapple, tomato.
Cheese slices/cubes and crackers. Thirsty - milk, homemade soup &  smoothies.
Fingers of toast and sliced rolls of cooked ham. Smooth - banana, yoghurt, milk pudding,  homemade milkshakes.
Raisins or other dried fruit and plain  yoghurt. Crunchy - raw veg, apples, toast,  breakfast cereal, crackers.

boy drinking waterDrinks:

  • Water is the best thirst quencher.
  • Milk is an important part of a growing child’s diet.
  • Milk and water are the most tooth-friendly drinks and can be given throughout the day.
  • Keep juice to mealtimes only and try to limit to once a day.
  • All fizzy drinks should be avoided.
  • Tea and coffee are not suitable for young children.

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