Healthy eating

Food and nutrition guidelines

Produced by the Department of Health and Children that assist pre-schools in providing healthy food. They also help in creating an environment that promotes positive attitudes to eating and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eating policies

Template policy on healthy eating with guidance from TUSLA that can be used by all early childhood care and education providers.

Child care regulations

These DOHC Regulations set out the various requirements to be complied with by persons carrying on pre-school services for the purposes of securing the health, safety and welfare and promoting the development of pre-school children.

Menu plans and recipes

This HSE 3 week menu plan resource provides a practical guide for pre-schools to carry out the guidelines and to provide balanced, nutritious meal ideas that will satisfy a growing child.

Serving size guide

A pictorial manual by safefood giving real life serving sizes to guide care-givers, parents and guardians on suitable size servings.

Fussy eating

A simple list by safefood of the most important Dos and Don’ts to help overcome fussy eaters.

Healthy snacks and food swaps

Children have small stomachs so they require food at regular intervals. Healthy snacks provide key nutrients and energy for the growing child. safefood have some suggestions.

Special occasions

In a big service, it can feel like a constant round of birthdays and keeping the food treats to a minimum can be challenging. safefood have some suggestions for enjoying celebrations without overdoing it.