How can we improve the diets of our pre-schoolers?

A healthy, balanced diet is what any pre-school child needs. Pre-school children are at a stage in their lives where they are growing very quickly and because of this, they need lots of energy and nutrients to help fuel their body. During this period, children develop habits that can last a lifetime.

28/09/2016   by Niamh Dowling  

Weekday winner dinners

We’ve taken the most popular recipes on our website and filmed short videos on how to make them. Not surprisingly, most of those are recipes for quick and easy dinners.

08/09/2016   by Aileen McGloin  

She’s a great eater isn’t she?

I’ve grown up hearing this expression and I’d hazard a guess that most people brought up on the island of Ireland have too -  She’s a great eater isn’t she – the child in question is usually praised for their great appetite and then usually given "a wee bit more" of the food they’ve already finished.

01/09/2016   by Fiona Gilligan