Is there an App for That?

smart phonesThe introduction of smartphone technology can assist us with improving our overall health and wellbeing. Apps measure almost anything you want them to; there are literally 1000’s of choices, they can measure how many glasses of water you had in a day, how well you slept, how many calories you took in or how many did you burn, the list goes on.

The basics - there are free or paid for apps and the average cost for one app is approximately €2, but a lot of the free apps work just as well. It only takes a couple of minutes to download and you can start to use immediately.

First came iphone apps, then android and tablet followed – facebook and other browsers also provide their own collection of apps. Below is some of the range of health and wellbeing applications available:

  • Facebook safefood app
  • Monitoring and improving exercise regimes
  • Calculators for BMI & targeting weight loss including calorie counters
  • Pedometers and mapping tools with GPS tracking
  • Health eating, better diet tips

keyboardCombined with your commitment and the information that you have regularly recorded on the app can assist you in making better lifestyle changes.

Because so many of us are deskbound and may choose quick convenient sugary or high fat content snacks our overall health suffers as a result. Of course these technologies are not a magic button solution but are only the tools which can assist you with your healthier lifestyle goals. Some of the apps that I have used below have given me the encouragement to reach some of my targets. 

The Snack App – this is great if you’re like me - a snacker!! – the app offers choices of snacks that are between 100 and 200 calories, therefore supporting you in choosing healthier and less indulgent treats.

MyFitnessPal– is a calorie and diet tracker, you record your details, age, height, weight etc. and then on a daily basis enter your food intake and your exercise activity. The app calculates and reports on your progress. The database has every food and calorie count available and it only take 5 minutes a day to use – this little app is free and truly incredible!!! Try it you too will be pleasantly surprised…

C25K – or Couch to five kilometres, a few of us in the safefood offices have used this app recently to get us off the couch and running (jogging) again. The results have been great; the app trains you gradually over a 7-9 week period to run 5k without stopping. There are a lot of variations on this app that are free but it is worth paying around €1.75 for the better app. Running 5k is a great achievement try it, to see how you get on.

Cycle Watch – for those of you who like to get on their bikes this app measures the distance, speed, calories burned and it maps the route. Cycle watch uses GPS technology to capture the information and you can chose to share this information with your friends on facebook or twitter.

I hope you have found this blog helpful and it would be great to hear from any of you who are using similar apps and feel free to leave your tips or experiences…... so please leave a comment.


Posted: 14/09/2012 16:43:16 by Richard Murphy
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