The relentless march of portion sizes..

If you were at our Social Media conference last week, hope you enjoyed it. And if you couldn't make it, the presentations and audio are now available to download/podcast. Food Portions. What's a portion? Would you like another portion? Do you ha...

14/09/2010   by Colman Kelly  

Social media and our food

I'm speaking at our social media conference tomorrow ("You are what you tw-eat") and it got me thinking about the impact of social media on our food choices. Whatever type of food or chef you like, the chances are there's at the very minimum, a webs...

14/09/2010   by Colman Kelly  

You are what you Tw-eat

Social Media is changing in many ways, how we live our lives and how we communicate with each other. This blog is just one small part of that. And next Thursday 16th, we're hosting a one-day conference for those working in food and health on the isl...

10/09/2010   by Colman Kelly  

Why dashboard dining is a table for one

Hi there and it's good to be back from holidays. I had a great break and enjoyed spending more time with the kids. Thanks to all the guest bloggers who filled in while I was away. Back to the blog in hand.


06/09/2010   by Colman Kelly  


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