Let's take on Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a worry to me and something I think about in several contexts – as a parent, a grandparent, as Chief Executive of a health promotion body, and even as a professional with a background in finance and health economics.

25/10/2013   by Martin Higgins  

Trick or Treat…with a food allergy or intolerance?

Kids really enjoy the fun aspect of Halloween and over the past few years trick or treating has crept into our culture. But how safe is this for your child if they have a serious food allergy or intolerance?

25/10/2013   by Maureen Paul  

Fruit and vegetables you say? Eat more, we say

Do you know what’s great about fruit and vegetables? It’s one of the few food groups of which we can eat lots of. Happy days.

11/10/2013   by Aileen McGloin  


Fruit, Vegetables

My Sleeping Beauties

Why sleep is important for your child’s health.

04/10/2013   by Emily Kelleher