The Horrors of Trick or Treats!

That Autumnal feeling is amongst us again; clocks go back soon, the evenings are dark, the air is crisp. Mid-term break is almost here, which means our younger children soon will be donning scary costumes and masks, ringing our doorbells, and yelling “TRICK OR TREAT!”

This tradition dates back centuries to a Celtic 'Samhain', where at the end of Harvest, halfway between autumn equinox and the winter solstice, was seen as a time when the door to the ‘otherworld’ opened. Spirits and fairies, some of whom were harmful, would be allowed in to our world. People at this time would sing and dress up for the festival, give offerings to bonfires to ward off these evil spirits.
children trick or treating under the moon

I can recall dressing up as a skeleton or Dracula as a child, knocking on my neighbours doors and receiving pieces of fruit or a handful of peanuts for my efforts!

In the last 20 years in our community, we have seen an increase in the popularity of this celebration where kids revel in the act of dressing up as their favourite characters. My own two youngest children have their costumes picked. Abbie (10) is dressing up as one half of JEDWARD along with her friend next door, Not very scary you might well ask?? I happen to think it’s the scariest of all!! My youngest, Sam (6), is sticking to a more traditional costume of a werewolf, which I do have to say is pretty cool if you’re a six year old boy.

a pumpkin bag and treatsThe scariest thing for me comes after Halloween and has a tendency to haunt us parents for weeks. Namely the sugar mountain the kids return home with. Last year neither child came home with one piece of fruit or one peanut. Instead they were laden down with chocolates, chewy bars, crisps, candied popcorn and a variety of other high sugar, high fat content 'GOODIES'?
This Year’s Mission……….
Next week my wife and I are going to make more of an effort to make Halloween more traditional and healthier holiday than in previous years for our own kids and the little neighbourhood monsters – check out safefood’s Halloween recipes.

The door step challenge
Children love games so when the scary little monsters call to our door, we will have a lucky dip bag of fruit with wrapped coins hidden in some pieces or a chocolate surprise bag, and the choice will be theirs. It will be interesting to see how many kids chose the fruit bag. The winners should be encouraged to eat the fruit on their way through the neighbourhood. You could also think about give away stickers, fake Halloween tattoos and tiny toys.

Recall snap apple, bobbing for apples & brambrack
Remember bobbing for apples or snap apple, brambrack and other party games are a great way to get children to eat more fruit through the celebration. Here I found some sites with great Halloween party games!!! Enjoy this year’s spooky fiesta….

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