The Horrors of Trick or Treats!

Last year neither child came home with one piece of fruit or one peanut. Instead they were laden down with chocolates, chewy bars, crisps, candied popcorn and a variety of other high sugar, high fat content 'GOODIES'?

26/10/2012   by Richard Murphy  

Cancer: A conversation that we should be having

The evidence that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of most cancers is strong. As a nutritionist it’s a message that I often give.

19/10/2012   by Marian O‚ÄôReilly  


Cancer, Health

Sharing IS caring!

My sister was very quick to remind me that my own Friday night usually starts out with “Can I have two number sixes and a number, a number 17?"

05/10/2012   by Emily Kelleher