These boots were made for walking...

Depending on where you live, this coming Monday is a Bank Holiday. Which is great, because there's nothing nicer than a long weekend every now and then.

How you spend it is entirely up you. Doing lots or doing nothing, whatever floats your boat.

Me? I'll be taking part in that mysterious, age-old ritual that is Bank Holiday D.I.Y.

Except in my case, you can replace the "Do" with "Damage" as I attempt to put together a DIY swing and slide set for my two boys - expect plenty of vocal encouragement from them as I struggle with a hammer and assorted pieces of wood.

Speaking of encouragement, that's something they usually don't need when I ask them if we can play outside.

Which is a relief because a report launched today has shown that while the overall number of children participating in sports is high, most are not getting the minimum recommended amount of physical education (PE) at school. Only 35 per cent of primary pupils and 10 per cent of post-primary pupils receive the recommended minutes per week, according to the study.

Now I know not all kids (or parents) love sport but even going for a walk can be enjoyable.

Last weekend, me and my other half joined a gang of friends and others for a charity walk along part of the Wicklow Way in memory of our friend Orla, who died too young from cancer. And while I didn't bring my kids because I wasn't sure how wild the walk might be, lots of my friends' older kids joined in.

group photo in the car park

And it was superb.

Granted, the weather certainly helped but the simple enjoyment of being out walking with friends and taking in the view and fresh air were great. And it was for a good cause too which went a long way to soothing some sore feet that evening (I'm a novice hill walker).

Sure, there are common excuses...walking is "boring".  Well, not as boring as sitting in a car on motorway tailback. I don't live in "the country". Even city walks can be interesting!

Besides, walking is something that defines us - it's available to all of us. Bad weather? Pah, just the wrong clothes. And comfy, sturdy shoes.

So this long weekend, I'm going to ask my sister if me and the boys can join her and her dog Juno for a walk in her local park. 

I'll tell the boys it's a "Mystery Treat" (they sometimes need convincing!)

Just put one foot in front of the other, repeat endlessly and breathe in and out.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Posted: 21/10/2010 14:20:20 by Colman Kelly
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