Are we there yet...?

Daddy, are we there yet...? When I heard that one coming from the back seat of the car this week, I knew that the kids knew that we were really on holidays. With the school mid-term break, we all decided to get away for a few days and enjoy the sun-...

28/10/2010   by Colman Kelly  


Children, Snacks

These boots were made for walking...

Depending on where you live, this coming Monday is a Bank Holiday. Which is great, because there's nothing nicer than a long weekend every now and then. How you spend it is entirely up you. Doing lots or doing nothing, whatever floats your boat. M...

21/10/2010   by Colman Kelly  



Why we need food heroes

Heroes. It's a word that gets used a lot when the dedication, actions, efforts and commitment of others get noticed. For me, I would subscribe to the old school definition of heroes. Those who do heroic deeds for the sake of others. Ordinary peopl...

14/10/2010   by Colman Kelly  

Why I'm washing my hands of it

Next Friday, October 15th is Global Handwashing Day. But before you decide to roll your mouse and click out of here, give me a hand and bear with me for a minute. This is the third year of this worldwide initiative, which is backed by leading pu...

08/10/2010   by Colman Kelly  

Why growing your own is growing on me..

Green shoots. We could all do with some of that right now. Earlier this year, safefood launched a funded demonstration programme of Community Food Initiatives (CFI) across the island of Ireland.


01/10/2010   by Colman Kelly