Our two week journey on treats and no treats

Week one


Ferrero Roche, one each, a present to me and sharing with the boys because they ate all their lunch (a reward), it is bank holiday Monday!

Treats for boys from daddy who was away for the weekend in the form of toys...pie face for Toby and a football for Cooper....pie face will be good fun later, I suppose the cream we’ll all lick off our faces later is considered a treat for all of us? :)

Run out to the park which resulted in ice creams all round.


Both boys take a packed lunch to school everyday, they always have a mixture of fruit, sandwiches and one little bad thing to get them through the school day. Crisps in their lunches, but both had fruit for break as their school insist on a healthy break with no fizzy drinks allowed:)

boy eating a chocolate muffinWednesday

Crisps in packed lunches, ice lollies on the way home from school, some chocolate cake for dessert after dinner and chocolate chip cookies with milk for supper.


Chocolate muffin each to eat on the way home from school.


Movie night at the Bingham’s...chilli dorritos, Pringles and cornettos while watching "Brave".


Makulu 5  (A South African restaurant in Bangor and Lisburn) for dinner, including hotdogs, burgers, chips, ketchup (not a veg in sight I’m afraid) with chocolate fudge cake dessert for the boys.


Treats today included crisps and ice pops plus chocolate chip cookies for supper with milk. 

So after a normal week I am quite shocked at how many treats I give the kids. I do feel like I need to defend myself by telling you that in between snacks the boys do eat their fruit and veg and drink water and milk...but for this week about to start, we are cutting out the rubbish.

Ash bingham and her two boys

Week two

School packed lunches, I have dropped the crisps for fruit instead.

Throughout this week we aren’t having the usual bar of chocolate after school when I pick the boys up, instead I have been buying punnets of strawberries, blueberries and nectarines for them to nibble in the car on the way home, which they are enjoying.

young boys eating strawberriesOur youngest son loves Henry the Hoover, so he is sharing his fruit with Henry too, if it means they are eating healthy food, let’s do what it takes.

It is a very warm week so I’m afraid the ice pops have been on the go, I know I could make my own healthy version and if time permitted, I would, but not this week.

Mid week, and the boys are asking for "something nice" to eat between meals...translated means "something bad". I have suggested alternatives like cashew nuts, carrot sticks with houmous, rivita and houmous, raisins, natural yoghurt with fruit in it...some of this is going down well, but they are starting to look at me as if to say, come on mum, how about some dorritos or a biscuit? Even caught our oldest boy sneaking into the kitchen to help himself to some badness...I’ll not share that dialogue!!

I have pushed healthy food as much as I can this week and to be completely honest, the boys have done well, but it has been a struggle to maintain it everyday. We have had fun making soup, with the boys preparing the veg and putting all the ingredients in the pot, Henry the Hoover, as mentioned above has even joined in on having the healthy snacks...but the quote at the end of the week from my eldest son was, “Thank goodness that healthy thing is over mum.”

I am shocked at how much rubbish the boys do get with the little treats each day and how they build up....I will be going forward this week with that in mind and encourage more healthy habits, but there will still be some treats to break the cycle, otherwise it would put the boys off eating healthy food completely and that defeats the purpose, there needs to be a happy medium to keep all our sanity:)


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