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Eilish tore tendons on both of her ankles during Operation Transformation, which affected her ability to exercise. The good news? It hasn’t held her back since. Read her story since the show ended…

Can you tell us a little bit about how life has gone for you since the show ended?

Since the show ended I have been inundated with people calling into the cafe asking about food and exercise, asking for tips and asking me how all the other leaders are getting on. We keep in contact on a weekly basis. It’s great motivation, When on the show you have to do so much, it’s hard to embrace everything. I have learned to take some time for myself. Before the show I really had not a minute. Now I am cooking dinner at home every evening and doing some kind of exercise. Also my daughter Chloe is great at cooking now and likes all the dishes that does not include fish (ha ha). I am amazed at the viewing and the interest people have in the show. People come into me now to ask what I’m having for breakfast or dinner. I am sleeping so much better and feel great.

What were your initial goals when you became a leader?

When I was selected as a leader my personal goal was to lose one stone and get back to exercise and fitness, and drop two dress sizes. 

Do you feel you achieved these?

I achieved part of my goal: I lost two stone from assessment day in Santry to end of show and I dropped two dress sizes. I can now buy something fashionable and fitted and not always buy big baggy tops. I did not achieve my goal of exercise as I tore two tendons, one in each ankle. This stopped me exercising for 8 weeks. I am only now back walking, and starting Karl's plan training to run a 5k now.

How has your weight been since the show ended?

I finished the show at 11 stone 10lbs and today I am exactly the same.

Have you found it easy or difficult to stay on track?

There are days I find it very difficult to stay on track but overall it’s ok. The food plan we have is great and there is loads of variety on it. The one thing I have really learned is to have a treat day. Don't deprive yourself or you will fall off the band wagon.

Eilish and 2 friends in the park

What has motivated you to keep going?

I have a photograph pinned on the wardrobe door of me at a friend’s party and I am huge! I went shopping for the outfit for my daughter’s wedding and I fitted into a size 12. Whoop! I’m never ever going back to a size 16/18 again.

What are the things that have worked well for you in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I never did shopping for home as I was having all my meals in the café. I just snacked at home. But now my fridge is full of healthy food. There used to be nothing in my fridge only a bulb! When I was on the show I made a folder of all Aoife’s recipes. I am old fashioned and like to have a paper copy of everything. On the days I feel like having bad food I go to the folder and pick a recipe and cook it. I go for a walk or use the exercise bike now and you don't feel hungry after exercising. Also I am drinking a lot of water I cut out fizzy drinks completely and do not miss them. I don't buy rubbish anymore, I make out my shopping list on Thursday and do the weekly shopping on a Friday.

Has your transformation influenced your partner/kids/family/friends or work colleagues?

It has really influenced my family, especially my husband as he followed the plan with me. He lost 29lbs and has also maintained it. My friend is also back exercising too, she did really well following my plan and we talk about our meals.

Have you any advice for other people who are trying to lead a healthier life?

You really have to get your head in motion. Set a small goal for yourself, achieve it, then set another one. Also you have to have a treat day, As you all know I enjoy a few drinks! I now have them on my treat day but I switched from drinking pints of beer to having a few vodkas with a slice of lime and a soda water. There’s no point in fooling yourself.

And finally, looking back, what is the best thing that came out of your time on Operation Transformation?

I really enjoyed my time on operation transformation. I am so wise now about food. You can eat so much healthy food and be full for longer periods of time and that rules out picking. Planning my meals for the week and shopping for the week is so important.

Is there anything you would like to add?

My goal now is to loose seven pounds before my daughter’s wedding at the end of July. I know I will do it as I am back in full force exercising. I find it much easier to exercise with a friend or my husband. It’s so easy to say no to yourself. I really missed walking and jogging when I got injured - I never taught I would hear my self say that!


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I was a leader on Operation Transformation in 2015. Over the course of the show I lost 2 stone and transformed my eating habits. Unfortunately, I tore tendons on both of my ankles during the show, which affected my ability to exercise. The good news? It hasn’t held me back since.