Eggciting treats ideas for kids this Easter

How can you not love this time of year? The evenings are getting longer, the weather is improving but most of all it is Easter! I am a big fan of it. Time off to spend with my favourite little people. I have wonderful memories of hunting for chocolate eggs and gobbling them up. My record was 5 eggs in one day and yes I was extremely ill! Now as a parent, I have been trying to think up ways to avoid my children eating so much chocolate, yet still having those magical moments.

After chatting with my lovely little people they have told me a few things:

  • The Easter bunny must deliver at least one chocolate egg.
  • Certain little people (my 6 year old) would prefer a Ferrari or a game of football with Messi.
  • Little girls (according to my 7 year old) like mobile phones and makeup instead of chocolate eggs.
  • Adults don’t want any chocolate because they just eat little peoples chocolate when they are not looking.

Now, I doubt I will be able to get Messi to have a kick about with my son and their other preferences to chocolate are definitely wishful thinking! So what is the alternative?

Upon further investigation (not with my little people), I have found a few ways to make Easter fun, good value and better for childrens’ and adults’ tummies.

Here are a few ideas to get around the chocolate fest:

  • On Easter morning, leave a little bunny or chick soft-toy (available at euro/pound shops) and a hand-made card from the Easter bunny with an egg cup for some boiled eggs at breakfast.
  • Hide a cute bunch of carrots, tied up in ribbon. Attach a message from the Easter bunny encouraging your little one to eat these carrots for dinner.
  • Get little presents that have an Easter theme but cost less than a chocolate egg are good idea. Here are some ideas: egg shaped chalk, bunny bubbles, pipe cleaners for making some cute bunny shapes.
  • Print off some Easter inspired pictures and ask the kids to colour them in. We have more non sweet treat ideas on our Pinterest page.
  • Enjoy a tasty Easter dinner and get the kids involved in preparing it. Try this tasty lamb recipe. For dessert melt one of the eggs and dip some strawberries in it.

chick on an easter egg

These are my ideas for making some eggstra (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) special Easter memories. Starting with my favourite:

  • The Easter egg hunt: buy some plastic eggs (also available in your local euro shops) and little pots of playdough. Make a map around your garden or nearest field with a trail for the kids to follow. Provide a pair of bunny ears and a plastic bag or basket. Once the children have collected the plastic eggs, give each child 1 chocolate egg.
  • Decorating your own eggs is a fantastic and memorable experience for all the family.
  • When was the last time you had and egg and spoon race? Get everyone to decorate their own hardboiled egg before the big race and then head to the start line.
  • What conjures images of Easter and springtime more than lambs? Why not bring the whole family to a farm and enjoy the look on the little ones faces? They may even get to pet one (just remember to wash your hands if you do).
  • Going for a long walk near the sea or mountains where you can see some burrows and get the kids’ imaginations going.  It also helps you all walk off any over indulgence the day can bring.

I am hopeful my children’s Easter memories will be about the adventures we got up to, the time we spent together and the Easter feeling. Not about the 5 eggs that gave them a tummy ache. Why not try it out this year?


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