Balancing out the EGGcess calories

Let’s face it; avoiding chocolate and all the Easter goodies is going to be challenging over the next week. You could ask somebody to drop you off in a remote place where there are no shops within trekking distance but let’s be honest that isn’t going to happen!

Realistically we’re sociable animals and food plays a big part in this. Chocolate has become a part of celebrating Easter and even though I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth I’ll enjoy some of the chocolaty gifts that will come my way from friends and family.

We often hear the phrase ‘a little of what you fancy won’t do you any harm’. In the case of treats that taste so good but are packed with calories, that phrase should be top of mind. Four small squares of chocolate contain about 100Kcals so when faced with numerous Easter eggs it can be easy to take in a good chunk of your daily calorie requirement (~2000Kcal/day for women and 2500Kcal/day for men) through chocolate.

So how do we avoid putting on extra weight? One answer is not to go too mad and choose small amounts. ‘Out of sight out of mind’ is a good motto – so don’t leave goodies lying around that will tempt you and others to graze on. The other trick is balance out the calories. We can do that in a number of ways:

  • Burn off some extra calories by doing some more physical activity
    • Most of us will be off school or work for the long weekend so it should be easier to fit in a bit of extra activity. Do something you enjoy – walking, cycling or football.
  • Eat a little less at other meals
    • When you know that you will be taking in a few extra calories eat a little less than usual throughout the day.
  • Have your chocolates after a meal
    • By doing this you are less likely to eat big quantities and your body will be better able to compensate for the extra calories you’ve eaten. 

Easter only happens once a year and there are many other occasions during the year that we know we are likely to eat a bit extra e.g. when going out for a meal the same approach applies.

Visit safefood for more ideas on how to make the most of your Easter holidays including how to decorate your very own Easter eggs!

Posted: 28/03/2013 13:50:32 by Marian O’Reilly
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