Balancing out the EGGcess calories

Avoiding chocolate and all the Easter goodies is going to be challenging over the next week. So how do we avoid putting on extra weight?

28/03/2013   by Marian O’Reilly  

All the single ladies, all the single ladies…

Whether you are a student, or just like me are living on your own, you can learn to shop for and cook tasty, healthy and inexpensive meals.

22/03/2013   by Emily Kelleher  

Six Nations-themed recipes

To paraphrase a quote by comedian Bob Hope, if you watch a sport it's fun, if you play a sport, it's recreation, if you work at a sport, it's golf.

15/03/2013   by Dermot Moriarty  


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Killian Byrne - Operation Transformation – One Year On

Our guest blogger Killian Byrne, event manager and Dad of two, was a leader on Operation Transformation last year. He has continued his amazing lifestyle change since his time on the show ended in 2012. Read on to find out how he did it.

08/03/2013   by Killian Byrne  

What we can learn about food safety from our garden

Just like plants, bacteria can ‘wake up’ when there’s a change in their environment but stop growing when conditions are unfavourable.


01/03/2013   by David McCleery