Veronica's Operation Transformation - 3 months on

Following her time as a leader on Operation Transformation 2015 Veronica Horgan has accomplished her personal goals and has overcome physical and mental barriers. Read Veronica's story to see how she has progressed since the show ended...

Can you tell us a little bit about how life has gone for you since the show ended?

Since the show ended I’ve kept up with my exercise regime and food prep which I’m delighted about because I was scared I would fall off the band wagon. I’ve been so lucky to have weekly weigh-ins with Louise O’Leary from Lasting Weightloss; she has helped me to stay on track and gives me great tips. Her holistic approach to weight loss has helped me not only by bringing down my weight but helped me with stress and keeping a positive outlook on everything. I’m now a member of the Clonakilty Park Leisure Centre; I’ve some great help here and am taking part in a Summer Bootcamp to get my ass in gear. Since the show ended I’ve been able to lose 2 stone of fat and I am delighted, I’m continuing to live a healthier life.

What were your initial goals when you became a leader? Do you feel you achieved these?

I think my initial goal when I applied to be a leader was to lose at least 2 stone throughout the show and start being happy about the person I am. The show helped me physically and mentally and I don’t think I would be as happy as I currently am without the help of the show and everyone that went on the journey with me.

Have you found it easy or difficult to stay on track?

My first week after the show was probably the easiest week to stay on track. Then as the weeks went by I found that having weekends back to myself was hard, I was brilliant during the week but then wanted to splurge during the weekend, thankfully I had Eoghan making sure I wasn’t completely thrown away all the hard work I did throughout the show. Once I started meeting Louise I was able to take more control of my diet and make sure that I was treating myself in a healthy way whether it was a glass of wine or going out for dinner once a month.

What has motivated you to keep going?

The change that I can see in my body has really kept me motivated; clothes that were to tight for me in January are now too big. I’m after buying more belts then clothes in the last 2 months. I think the thought of meeting people that were following me when I was on the show is a big motivator because they started this journey with me and I hope to inspire them to keep going.

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What are the things that have worked well for you in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I think planning has been one of the biggest things that anyone that is looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle is concerned about. Weekly shops and making sure you don’t go food shopping when you are hungry. Keeping a regular routine as well is a big thing for me, which is why I find weekends the hardest to keep on track.

Has your transformation influenced your partner/kids/family/friends or work colleagues?

I started weekly weigh in on a Friday at work and this has kept up, this way everyone that is trying to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle can share their own experiences. My mother and father’s diet has changed dramatically, my father lost over 2 stone while I was on the show and he has kept it off.

Have you any advice for other people who are trying to lead a healthier life?

I think the first step is the scariest and once you decide you want to make the change and put a plan in action everything else falls into place. Don’t be scared to ask for help as well because there is always someone that is willing to help you out.

And finally, looking back, what is the best thing that came out of your time on Operation Transformation?

As corny as it may sound, I think the relationships that I built while I was on the show were the best thing for me, I met four inspirational people and we became a little family. I got to meet amazing people like Officer Dave Connolly, Sub Officer Neal Dempsey and Sub Officer Sarah Goode who put their lives at risk for others every day and I was able to highlight the importance of mental health.

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During my time as a leader on Operation Transformation 2015 I lost 2 stone 2lbs. Since the show ended I have lost a further 2 stone and continue to live a happy and healthier life.