Alan's Operation Transformation - 3 months on

Since becoming a leader on Operation Transfromation Alan Murphy has lost almost six stone, transforming his lifestyle. Read Alan's story to see how the "Year of the Murph" is going...

Can you tell us a little bit about how life has gone for you since the show ended?

Life has been going good since the show ended. I'm still losing the weight and going strong which is the main thing. I am so close to the 20st mark! It's in touching distance :-) I'm with a personal trainer, Conor Maher "Mind over maher fitness", in Clara, Co.Offaly and he really keeps me going! I have started working in Carphone Warehouse in Athlone which is great, so no more mammy puttin' Weetabix in a bowl for me and I'm playing with a new band now called Superbass so we're very busy at the moment, playing all over the country.

What were your initial goals when you became a leader? Do you feel you achieved these?

My initial goals when I became a leader was to get my life sorted and back on track and to help others along the way and that's what's happening to this very day :-) People still notice me from the show and they are always asking me how it's all going, so that keeps you on your toes. I'm still giving talks to different groups also.

Have you found it easy or difficult to stay on track?

I personally have found it easier to stay on track because I'm determined to do it and I have a great personal trainer who also keeps me going no matter what. I suppose you need that person to drive you through a wall! 

What has motivated you to keep going?

What motivates me to keep going is that I know if I fail now I will go down the wrong track and end up in a graveyard and that's not where I'm goin to be anytime soon.  

alan playing keyboard on stage

What are the things that have worked well for you in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I always pre-cook lunches for work or gigging and won't go without them. It's quick an easy and saves eating junk food. It's awful easy to pick up a bar and Tayto and Coke but it's twice as easy to make a sandwich and bring it with you.  

Has your transformation influenced your partner/kids/family/friends or work colleagues?

I think it has, I've never seen as much people out on bikes,walking and in gyms in my life! From the adults to the kids it's just exercise mayhem! I still getting a lot of mail from people asking questions about how I'm getting on and sharing some advice. It's really simple to be honest if you want to lose weight you will! But only you can decide no one else can make that desicion for you.  

Have you any advice for other people who are trying to lead a healthier life?

I believe that if I was able to do it which I started on January 5, 2015 and weighed 26st 8 1/2 pound and we are now in June and I'm so close to 20st then anyone can. I think you just need to set the mind right, be determined and most of all be selfish and put yourself first above everything! It's true when they say your health is your wealth!  

And finally, looking back, what is the best thing that came out of your time on Operation Transformation?

The best thing for me was the massive support I got from the public that kept me going. I've also done a lot of charity things and I'm actually walking from Cork city to Clara, Co. Offaly for a friend of mine who is sick with cancer from August 11th-15th and I know for a fact I wouldn't have moved of my couch this time last year! So the page is "Walk all over cancer" on Facebook and people can see all my activity there.

Life's been good really! "Year of the Murph" is still very strong in his presence!

Posted: 05/06/2015 20:00:00 by Alan Mullen

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I was a leader on Operation Transformation in 2015. Over the course of the show I lost 2 stone 5.5 lbs. I am still losing weight and am so close to the 20 stone mark, it's in touching distance. Its definitely the "Year of the Murph!"