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Summer is here, which means holidaying abroad for a lot of folks. Ah, holidays… you gotta love ‘em!

I’m not your typical relaxation/ fun in the sun holiday goer, it’s all about adventure for me! I enjoy exploring in far flung places. Travel and food go hand in hand on my holidays and I enjoy learning about culture through the local food. I’ve eaten everything from snails in France to snake in Cambodia.

food at an asian market cooked sanke in a pot
Vietnam Food Market
Cooking snake on Cambodian BBQ – Yummmm, tastes like chicken…

I try to be adventurous and experiment with local cuisine, making sure to follow travel advice on how to avoid food poisoning  and have luckily escaped so far. If you’re unlucky on holidays this year and do happen to get sick, here’s some advice on coping with food poisoning.

I’ve no holidays planned this year but fear not, I can relive my travels by visiting restaurants serving my favourite cuisines from around the globe. Mexican, Indian, Thai, Italian, European, Asian and especially Vietnamese, one of my all-time faves. I recently discovered a great little place doing Vietnamese street food; oh how it brings me back…

I’ll try not to overdo it though because as we all know eating out especially on holidays can be a time of overindulgence, undoing all the pre-holiday healthy eating plans! safefood have some great tips on how to eat out healthily so it’s not just your over packed bags that come back a little heavier…

I’ll leave you with two more of my favourite food holiday snaps; spring rolls made while on a cooking class in Vietnam and fried rice in a banana leaf while on a boat sailing down the Amazon! Stay safe, enjoy the summer and especially the holliers!

spring rolls, dip and chopsticks fried rice in a large banana leaf
Here’s one I made earlier: Spring rolls

Fried rice in banana leaf, Amazon style


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