Food for Thought...need your ideas!

Here's some food for thought over the weekend. Sorry, I meant "Thought for Food". Thought For Food is a brand new initiative that hopes to generate new ideas to tackle the world’s food issues. 60 students from 12 of Europe’s leading universities...

15/08/2011   by Colman Kelly  



Summer food...makes me feel fine

Since about 1.00-ish yesterday, my eldest son is one of those "boys of summer". Lucky thing. Months of sleeping late/playing outside 'til all hours/going places/doing sportscamps/watching cartoons/not getting dressed until lunchtime...

30/06/2011   by Colman Kelly  


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We're men....we've lots to talk about

Men. Sure, we're usually a species of few words at the best of times. But hopefully this week, we'll have lots to talk about. It's Men's Health Week and there's plenty happening to remind us hunter-gathers to talk about things for a change and get ...

13/06/2011   by Colman Kelly  


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