Top tips for summer weight loss

Summer can be a great time of year to shed some unwanted pounds. The weather is better, the days are longer and the food is lighter. We’ve put together our top tips to help you turn up the heat on your weight loss plan this summer.

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1. First thing first, set a summer goal

You could aim to lose a certain amount of weight for an event, or upcoming holiday, or you could aim to be able to run 5K before August is out. The important thing is that you choose the goal that’s best for you and keep it front and centre.

2. Make the most of your time off

If you are off work for a while, whether at home or away, make sure that exercise is central to your holiday. Sure, you want to relax, but a walk, a run, or a swim each day can be part of how you unwind. 

3. Savour those summer fruits

At safefood we love summer fruits; the berries, plums, peaches and melons are juicy, delicious and even a little cheaper at this time of year. They provide water, fibre and nutrients, along with a little natural sugar.  Eat them whole to help fill you up. They are low in calories and make a fantastic summer snack. Have a peek at our portion size guide.

4. Get more out of the long evenings

It doesn’t matter what you do – tidy up the garden, wash the windows, go for a walk, rediscover your childhood games with the kids. Just get off the couch for the evening, get outside and start moving.

5. Get your ZZZZZs

People who don’t get enough sleep at night are more likely to be overweight. Scientists aren’t clear yet on why this is. It could be that lack of sleep affects appetite, or our desire to be active the next day. So, even though it’s lighter for longer, make sure you pull the blinds or the blackout curtains and get your full 8 hours. It will help your weight in the long run and make you feel a lot better in the short term.

6. Enjoy those salad days

A cold salad may not appeal in the winter, but those crisp and crunchy options are fantastic for hotter weather. It’s a terrific alternative for lunch, or a lighter dinner. Get inspired with our summer salad ideas our Pinterest board.

7. Start "Project Portion"

It’s a mistake lots of us make – loading up our plates with too much food. For the summer, why not buy a smaller plate for dinner time? For sandwiches at lunch, stick with two regular slices of brown bread and for breakfast, keep an eye on the size of your bowl of cereal.

8. Don’t drink your calories

Staying hydrated can be more of a challenge in summer time so keep drinking plenty of water. Avoid stocking up on sugary drinks or sweet, creamy coffees. Watch your alcohol intake too, because those calories can all add up.

9. Cook at home

Studies show that meals eaten out tend to be higher in fat and calories. Huge takeaway portions are often an issue too. The best way to make sure you eat the right amount of the right kinds of food to promote weight loss, is to prepare the food yourself as much as you can.

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