The difference between pregnancy 1 and pregnancy 2

I have watched with great amusement over the years the difference in my female friends’ and families behaviour during pregnancy number one and subsequent pregnancies. I did a quick survey to ask them the main differences for this blog. Here’s what they said... 

30/07/2015   by Aileen McGloin  

Get that folic acid habit

At safefood, we don’t usually tell people to take supplements. That’s because if you eat healthy, you can generally get all the nutrients you need from food. There is one exception though - that’s folic acid for women who are sexually active and could become pregnant.

23/07/2015   by Aileen McGloin  


safefood and the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland recently launched We caught up with Dave Mulvaney, Catering Instructor at Crumlin Youthreach, to tell us about his experience with the resource so far.

17/07/2015   by Dave Mulvaney  

"Babies Know the Facts About Folic" Campaign

In this blog post, our CEO Ray Dolan explains why we are starting a campaign to raise awareness that women who are sexually active and could become pregnant should take a folic acid supplement daily. 

16/07/2015   by Ray Dolan