Food safety tips for a great holiday

I love my holidays especially trying new tasty foods. On the down side, unfortunately we have all heard stories about people who have been struck down with food poisoning while on holiday, which can be very distressing at any time but even more so if you are thousands of miles from home.

17/07/2014   by Mairead McCann  

Top tips to avoid weight gain on holiday

One study has shown that the average weight gain on holiday is about 5lb. But weight gain isn’t an inevitable result of your holiday. So how can you avoid it?

10/07/2014   by Marian O’Reilly  

Danah’s story

Danah Walsh got in touch recently to share her inspiring Operation Transformation journey with us. The positive response was incredible. As a result Danah has shared her tips on how she got the motivation to transform her life.

10/07/2014   by Danah Walsh