Food and Drink sponsorship and sport

If the Olympics are to be true to their motto of “inspiring a generation”, having fast food and beer as the main sponsors as well as an official “treats provider” are not the way to go.

27/07/2012   by Dermot Moriarty  


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(Not) Working 9 to 5

Picture it! As I write this post, somewhere in the world it’s the middle of the night and even though most will be snug in their beds, there will be someone, somewhere – working!

13/07/2012   by Emily Kelleher  

New dietary guidelines in the Republic of Ireland

Last month the Dept. Health issued new dietary guidelines for the Republic of Ireland for adults and children over 5 years old. While the pyramid format remains the same, these new guidelines put a greater emphasis on portion sizes and reducing ‘treat foods’. Dr. Aileen McGloin has the low down.

06/07/2012   by Aileen McGloin