My jumbo breakfast role

empty bowl and cup

I love breakfast.

I know; how can a rushed bowl of cereal and slice of half-eaten toast be considered as enjoyable?

Well for me anyway, maybe it's the anticipation of what's to come.

How after a night's sleep, my tastebuds suddenly kick-into gear and get my day started..."Can you smell that Dermot? It's toast and it's almost-burning! And we get a whiff of hot water landing on coffee in a cup too! Wait, there might even be something under the grill as well. Wake up man, wake up! It's breakfast! It's breakfast!!

Clearly, that's my tastebuds talking as my day usually starts with happy/grumpy/loud/quiet children (tick as appropriate) and the breakfast table.

And my breakfast role.

I try to eat breakfast with the lads, to show them that starting the day doesn't always have to involve a train set or a fire engine. Come to think of it, that fire engine might come in handy for the burnt toast. And to date, I'm having some success with them. Senior usually has toast or rice cakes with milk on the side while junior happily larrups into a bowl of cereal...and sometimes mine too.

There's been plenty of coverage this week of new research into breakfast which showed that after eating a large breakfast, people still ate the same amount at lunch and dinner; eating a large breakfast didn't translate into fewer calories during the day.

It's also well known that eating breakfast can help maintain a healthy weight, because eating regular meals gives you greater control over your appetite.

And helps avoid those mid-morning trips for a bagel or a croissant....wait, but aren't they meant for breakfast? 

So all things considered, it's probably better to have something for breakfast in the morning to get your day started.

For me anyway, breakfast always tastes better at the weekend. That's probably because I have the time to enjoy melted butter running down the back of my hand without worrying about it getting on my work clothes.

And I can take my time to make filtered coffee. And some juice from the fridge. And maybe fire up the grill too!

Anything to keep those tastebuds quiet.

If you're planning to give breakfast your vote of confidence over the weekend, there are some really tasty breakfast ideas on our website.

And a nice picture of the sun rising too. Aaahh, lovely.

My tastebuds are getting restless. 



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