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Sorry if you missed your weekly portion of the blog last week - some technical issues (me) as well as getting ready to run in the Operation Transformation 5k last Saturday (me again) meant I missed the post.

Apologies and normal service resumed.

If you were one of the 3,000+ who got out of bed last Saturday morning and took part in the run, well done! The weather really helped, as did the waves of enthusiasm, positivity and good humour which carried people like me around 5 kilometers of the Phoenix Park.

Clearly my milky-white-legs-in-shorts weren't so shocking after all.

But what was also inspiring was people of all ages and abilities, walking, running and pushing buggies, prams and wheelchairs around the 5km course. Being part of it, I thought it showed something like a weekend fun run as the physical activity equivalent of "by the people, for the people".

To me anyway, physical activity is at times, a bit like an on/off relationship when you were younger - it varies between being here's a mix-tape of my favourite songs to nah...couldn't be bothered.

But last weekend changed all that for me.

Seeing a great wave of people having fun while also overcoming their own personal challenges and goals was really powerful; imagine if you could harness that energy, effort and positivity - you could probably run a small town.

And if that could work for a small town, then why not a city? And why stop there? You could get an entire country active.

Of course before you start any new activity, please make sure you're body is prepared and if in doubt, ask a health professional or doctor for their advice.

So maybe running is not your thing. That's ok, every journey begins with a small step so walking could be for you. Add in a friend and you've got someone to talk to. And you can help motivate each other.

C'mon. One more lap.

Maybe chasing an infernal little white ball around a golf course is your thing. Great! Go fore it (or go find it in my case)

Maybe you prefer bowling.

I brought my son bowling during mid-term yesterday and as I struggled towards a score of 70-something, the person in the lane beside us was doing far better than me. And she was 70-something...

Being active around the house, whether washing windows , the car or vaccuming can also count towards being physically active. It's never too late to start your own getting-active programme. Like the run, you just need to start.

Since last Saturday, I've visited our local council sports centre to see what's on offer and how I can be more active. It's relatively cheap and I can also use the facilities or classes on a pay-as-you-go basis. Nice.

There's a saying that there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

I totally agree. And throw in something to keep you warm and/or dry and some comfy trainers to look after your feet and you'll never look back.

I'm looking forward to a run tonight with my milk-bottle legs.

You've been warned!

Enjoy your weekend.


Posted: 25/02/2011 15:49:32 by Colman Kelly
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