Unusual Christmas Questions

We have had some weird and wonderful "turkey" related questions over the years, here at safefood. With thoughts turning to our feathered friends this week, we thought we would share some of them with you here. 

Q:  Can I store the turkey in the dog box outside (with the dog), I know he won’t touch it and I can’t fit it in my fridge.

A:  In short the answer is "No". The only place we recommend you store your turkey is in the fridge, on the bottom shelf, away from other cooked or ready to eat foods. You can raise or lower the racks in your fridge to fit it in and non-perishables like fizzy drinks and alcohol, don’t need to be stored in there.

You must really trust your dog if you want to store it in their box with them and you can’t guarantee that other little (or not so little) visitors won’t join the turkey and the dog in the box.


Q:  Can I defrost my turkey in a bath of hot water?

A:  No. The only safe way to defrost your turkey is on the bottom shelf of your fridge giving 24hrs for every 2 to 2.5kgs.

Q:  I’ve cooked my turkey and I’ve forgotten to take it out of the plastic wrapper which is now melted on to the turkey, is it still safe to eat?

A:  No. It’s not safe to eat.

Q:  Can you deep fat fry an entire turkey?

A:  This really isn’t a good idea, and I don’t think there are any recommendations anywhere on how long this would take to cook! I don’t think your waistline would thank you either. I don’t think you could even buy a deep fat fryer that would fit a turkey!

Q:  I thought my turkey was cooked but it’s still half raw, can I eat the bits that are cooked.

A:  No. White meat, especially poultry needs to be cooked thoroughly ensuring it’s piping hot the whole way through, the juices run clear and there is no pink meat left.

Q:  If I keep the turkey in the fridge after I cook it on Christmas day, will it still be safe to eat it on Women’s Little Christmas (6th of January)?

A:  No. Leftovers should be consumed within 3 days, but you can cool it quickly and get it into your freezer where it can be stored safely for a much longer period of time. If you portion the meat it will cool much quicker. 

You need to make sure it’s cooled but not out of the freezer longer than 2 hours. When you want to use the meat, defrost it in your fridge and reheat it thoroughly before you consume it. Never reheat more than once.

We have a very handy turkey calculator to work out exactly how long you need to cook your turkey for. 

We'll be here to help with all of your food safety and nutrition questions in 2016 and we hope you and yours have a safe, healthy and very happy Christmas!

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