Help! I’m under attack from a tower of chocolates!

Two of the key factors when we choose food are taste and price. This is why I find myself more than a little annoyed with what’s happening in our supermarkets right now in the lead up to Christmas.

The photos below tell the whole story. You can’t go into the shops to buy a carton of milk or a sliced pan without almost being practically assaulted by a box of chocolates. And a box of chocolates for less than a fiver at that. Sure who could go past it?

a mountain of chocolate tins

a display of Christmas chocolate

Don’t get me wrong. I may be a nutritionist, but I like any combination of fat and sugar as much as the next woman, or man, or child. Nutritionists are human too. You heard it here first folks :).

And so, I get it when you tell me that your arm was sucked from your side like a hoover as you passed the bright stacks and almost without you knowing, your hand landed on that colourful box. I get it when you say you threw in 10 of the €2 Selection Boxes as well, just in case any kids come round that you weren’t expecting. Sure, it’s Christmas.

Frankly though, there’s a food environment out there where the high calorie, low nutrient and delicious foods we love so much, but shouldn’t eat so much, are too cheap, too plentiful and too easily available. It requires superhuman effort to say no, and we are only human.

Next time you head out for your groceries, whether you are a fan of the green triangle, the hazelnut swirl, or the soft centre, stop for a minute and look around.

Now, who is deciding what you buy and eat? You or them?

Posted: 09/12/2014 12:18:27 by Aileen McGloin
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