This is safefood’s Listeria awareness week. So why are we trying increase awareness of this particular bacterium?

18/11/2019   by Mairead McCann  

3 tips for outdoor events

Heading to an outdoor event? Here are three things to keep in mind.

05/07/2019   by Deirdre Cosgrove  

Fun with E-numbers

Deirdre Cosgrove fact checks the notion that E-numbers - especially food colours - are bad for you.

17/04/2019   by Deirdre Cosgrove  

How a Bot can save Christmas dinner

Every year someone cooks their first Christmas dinner, and are faced with the daunting task of roasting a turkey - figuring out when to defrost it, where to store it, how long it takes to cook . . .

13/12/2018   by Aoife O'Reilly  

5 tips to take the stress out of Christmas

While it sounds obvious, a little bit of planning can go a long way in helping cut down any stress in your kitchen this Christmas. After all, this time of the year is about enjoying the company of family and friends and sharing those festive foods which make it so special.

12/12/2018   by Dermot Moriarty  

Rub a dub dub

Words and phrase like "Resources, focus groups and user testing" are part of everyday work life for me. "Assets" land on my desk. Maybe I shoudn't bring my work home, but sometimes I do. Here's how they were received...

08/11/2018   by Colman Kelly  

Let's talk turkey

It’s all a bit tricky. The bird tends to be big, the crowd large, and there are lots of extra dishes to get to the table.

25/01/2018   by Aileen McGloin  



The why and the how of handwashing for little ones

Every parent knows that little hands go everywhere, often confirmed by sticky handprints on our walls and windows...

25/09/2017   by Linda Gordon  



Having people round for food? - Avoid uninvited guests!

If you are hosting people at home, you’ll probably be cooking foods for more people than usual, possibly cooking foods that you don’t cook very often and storing larger amounts of food than usual. For these reasons, it’s essential to plan ahead to make sure you do this safely.

30/05/2017   by Mairead McCann  

The food safety facts on slow cooking

Slow cooking is a method of cooking which uses relatively low temperatures (79°C – 93°C) for a long period of time to cook food.

30/01/2017   by Sarah Norberg  

Unusual Christmas Questions

We have had some weird and wonderful ‘turkey’ related questions over the years, here at safefood. With thoughts turning to our feathered friends this week, we thought we would share some of them with you here. 

22/12/2015   by Julie Carroll  

Ann and Frank and the 4 Cs

When we look around and see today’s retirees running around after grandchildren or volunteering in their community, it’s easy to forget that as we age, our bodies do begin to slow down, and that includes our immune system.

24/11/2015   by Linda Gordon  

Can you teach your Aunt to "not wash chicken"?

"We’re doing a campaign to encourage people not to wash raw chicken in the autumn" I said, matter-of-factly. "Oh" they said. Tumbleweed.

06/11/2014   by Aileen McGloin  

Don’t wash your chicken!

"Wait, what? You said don’t wash the chicken? But we’ve always washed the chicken - Granny used to wash the Christmas turkey too; I thought it was covered in germs!?"

02/11/2014   by Linda Gordon  

Food safety tips for a great holiday

I love my holidays especially trying new tasty foods. On the down side, unfortunately we have all heard stories about people who have been struck down with food poisoning while on holiday, which can be very distressing at any time but even more so if you are thousands of miles from home.

17/07/2014   by Mairead McCann  

Don’t wash your chicken!

As a microbiologist, I am usually my family’s first port of call for food safety advice (although I don’t believe my brother really needed a microbiologist to tell him not to eat the beef casserole that had been sitting in the back of his car for two days!).

13/06/2014   by Linda Gordon