Ode to fad diets

I’ve tried them all, I’ve lost and gained,

To no avail, the pounds retained,

"You’ll lose the weight, you’ll feel no pain

Try our plan, you won’t complain"


The High Carb, the Five Bite,

The Alkaline diet, you can see my plight.

They said that Baby Food would work,

The Green Smoothie Cleanse drove me berserk.


The Bullet Proof, The Military diet,

In fairness, I put up quite the fight.

Back in the day, F-plan and Scarsdale,

They promised Grapefruit wouldn’t fail!


Let’s keep it natural, try Raw Food,

There were affects, but I won’t be rude.

Zone didn’t work? Try Atkins though,

Time to move on, it’s Paleo!

a clock with fork and spoon

Cookie diet? And Lemonade? Ooh!

Step aside, now try the 5:2,

Macrobiotics, Detox, Blood type,

Food Combining joined the hype.


The Rainbow diet, and Cabbage Soup

The Werewolf diet sent me loop-da-loop

From South Beach, to Shangri-la

But on the scales, weight loss? Nah.


I’m beginning to think what they say is true,

Just eat less, and exercise too,

Set your goal, plan what you’ll do,

Use safefood for a healthier you.


Posted: 11/08/2016 10:03:07 by Aileen McGloin
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