Do you want some pinks instead of greens?

Thanks to Aileen for a great post last week on sleep and weight - I feel refreshed!

Here's something to brighten up a gloomy August Friday and for filing under I-can't-believe-they-didn't-think-of-that-sooner.

Rainbow coloured cauliflower. Now available in pink, orange and green varieties. C'mon - how cool is that!

As reported in the media recently, vegetable growers are now giving cauliflower a healthy (and completely natural) makeover to help boost falling sales. Apparently in the last two years, cauli is not so flowery at the checkout with sales down 6.5% while its more glamorous family member broccoli is steaming ahead with sales up 2.5%.

I wrote a post before on how colours can influence the things we buy. I guess some clever person thought that if it different colours can help sell oh-so trendy laptops and mobile phones, why not for the humble cauliflower? (soon to be trendy)

I think it's an inspired move and really hope it takes off. Me, I can't wait to land some orange cauliflower on my lad's dinner plates - i'll let you know how I get on.

Then again, you'll probably be able to hear their shouts of surprise from wherever you are.

Have a good weekend.


Posted: 15/08/2011 12:54:12 by Colman Kelly
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