Welcome to the Scoop, our new blog!

With six short words “How about we do a blog?”, I've started something that's new, exciting and to be honest, a little bit into the unknown for me and for safefood.

At one time, blogs (or blogging) were to me a bit like having a pension - I understood basically what they did, but I wasn't really too sure about how they actually worked.

Then I started reading some blogs. And got to know some bloggers.

So why am I blogging? Good question.

As I see it, a blog allows people to discuss issues, share stuff like knowledge, opinions and insights, agree (and disagree) about lots of things, inspire, educate, provoke - the limits and possibilities are endless.

I hope this blog will put more of a face on safefood, reveal something about the people we are, the work we do (me included), the things we’re passionate about, what others are doing that we like and what’s important to us.

I will be honest and unfiltered at all times. Of course there will be some house rules and if you want to play with the toys here, then please play nicely.

Still with me? Great! If this is your first (and only) time here, thanks for visiting and I appreciate your interest. And if the blog happens to have something vaguely or remotely interesting that makes you come back for another look or tell others, all the better and you’re welcome again.

I’ll try to blog at least once a week, more often if time permits and will try to respond to as many of your comments as possible. I’m sure there will be issues along the way and we’ll do our best to fix them; if this blog right now is our first flight into low orbit, that must make me the dog in the capsule!

(With a happier ending, naturally)

Thanks for visiting.


Posted: 10/08/2010 16:04:37 by Colman Kelly
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Colman Kelly
Hi, I’m Dermot Moriarty and I’m the communications manager for safefood. My background is in advertising & public relations and I work on our awareness campaigns, promotional activities and market research. I’m also an occasional blogger. In my spare time, I’m a fan of history books, sport and cooking (though not all at the same time) and am trying to get back into running. I live in Co. Dublin with my wife and two young boys who are growing up way too fast.