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We caught up with Mella Brophy, a Home Economics Teacher, to tell us about her experience with the safefood for life resource so far.

Has the programme been beneficial for students knowledge of food safety?

Yes. The programme is delivered to Transition Year students as a core area of study in Rockford Manor Secondary School. All students are subsequently more aware and pro-active/alert to cross contamination, checking dates and storing foods at the correct temperature.

We purchased a food temperature probe as a teaching resource and have found it invaluable and the students love using it to check core temperature. In fact the temperature probe is used in all other classes across the Home Economics department as a working tool to check temperatures. 1st years in particular love using it.

Would you recommend the resource to other teachers and why?

It is invaluable as an educational resource. It is easy to deliver and explain and gives students skills in the home, not just in the classroom.

Is the EHAI accreditation aspect of the resource important for you?

Yes of course to all our Irish students. Personal hygiene, food contamination, food delivery and storage, food preparation and cooking, cleaning, design and layout of food premises and HACCP are all covered and the cert is valid for 5 years.

home economic students in the kitchen

Have any of your students used the certificate for summer work?

Absolutely. Many of our students in TY would say it has been significant in helping them achieve/gain work experience.

At a practical level how did you find using the pack content and online exam?

As a teacher, I think the resource is excellent. It is appealing for students, sometimes interactive and the students like it.

From a teachers perspective and a food science guru head like myself it would be good for a facility/suggestion/link to include more recent data on improvement notices, closures, food safety related news stories to make it real and relevant.

My student’s loved the instant feedback of results. Overall my students and I are in unison that the course is excellent and if delivered well it is invaluable.

What elements did students enjoy?

The girls liked the demo at the beginning. It calmed them and assured them they would be able to follow the instructions in the exam.

They liked all of it really although some days I was met with "Ah. We know all this."

Life of a teacher!


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