Bringing Back Play, one kerb at a time

Kerbs (or Kerbies) was one of my favourite games when growing up. That and “World Cup” or “Three and In”. All ball games. All of the time. And always fun.

I’m fairly sure the rules for Kerbs were different depending on where you lived but for me growing up, these were the ones we played by:

  • First to 21 wins
  • A ball hitting the other kerb and coming right back to your side counted as 2 points
  • Hitting the other kerb and staying there counted as one point
  • Extra point for throwing it over a passing car (and hitting the kerb)
  • No kicking or rolling allowed
  • And I think you had to win by two clear points…

graphic of kerbs game instructions

I recently introduced my two boys (ages 8 and 5) to kerbs and I can’t understand why I didn’t do it before now. They absolutely love it.

Ok, we only play up to 7 points and our road is a little busier than when I was growing up. But they don’t mind the break in play for traffic and don’t mind the weather either – they were even playing it in the rain last week while I refereed; watched out for cars; kept score; fetched the ball when it got stuck under a parked car.

Here’s a picture of them in action:

photo of kids playing Kerbs

I was surprised to see other kids on our road playing kerbs a few nights later while one of my neighbours stopped as he drove by and said “I hope you’ve remembered the extra point rule!”

I really didn’t think a football and two kerbs could be so much fun for my two boys who are growing up in a time of smartphones, the internet, and video games where they are the character.

I was wrong.

I underestimated their imagination and curiosity for something new. And their enthusiasm to be outside, spending time with their Dad and beating me at a new game.

It’s never too late to bring back play.

And I can’t wait for this evening’s rematch.


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