A small and sweet message for Easter

Easter Basket and eggs

Everyone looking forward to Easter? How many Easter eggs have you got lined up so far? I’m guessing there’s not a single person reading this that won’t have a bit of chocolate this weekend. The question is: how much?

In the interests of science, this intrepid blogger has been to the supermarkets and waded through aisles bulging with every egg imaginable. Our kids have seen them too. The festive atmosphere, jolly packaging and special offers make them almost irresistible. To make it easy for ourselves to understand how much chocolate is in them, we compared the weights to the weight of a standard chocolate bar (around 50 grams).

Teeny tiny ones you would think are for very small kids came in at 1-2 chocolate bars, the medium ones around 4 chocolate bars worth and the biggest one we could find was the equivalent of around 10 chocolate bars (not including the sweets inside!).

Enjoy Easter, make the most of this fabulous weather, savour the chocolate of the season and remember, small is beautiful. 

Posted: 21/04/2011 15:13:13 by Colman Kelly
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