• Spicy scrambled eggs

    Eggs are rich in protein as well as being a source of iron.

    They are also a source of two important antioxidants - lutein and xeathanthin – which help to keep eyes healthy.

  • Ants on a log

    Usually you don’t want ants anywhere near your lunch, but this tasty recipe is the exception!

  • Rice and vegetable bake

    A dish that is ideal all year round, and packed full of vegetables.

  • Recipes to make with the kids

    Fun recipes that will help kids get involved and interested in food.

Poached eggs

Poaching is a great alternative to frying; it is quick and easy with the same great taste and none of the added fat, making it a healthy breakfast.

Simple smoothie - strawberry

Smoothies only take a few minutes to make. They are also a fun way to get children interested in fruit and involved in the kitchen.

Homemade burgers

Burgers can be a great way of getting the kids to eat meat and doesn't always have to mean digging out the BBQ.

Chicken curry

With just a few cupboard items you can treat yourself to your favourite curry in the time it takes to order and wait for one to be delivered! Great for using leftover chicken.

Simple smoothie - raspberry and banana

Fruit is a rich source of vitamins and minerals - not to mention the fact that it tastes great! 

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