Save time and money with your freezer

Being a student on a budget, I have learned some tips and tricks to save money and still be able to eat well.

29/06/2017   by Niamh Dowling  

The joy of slow cookers

They’re inexpensive to buy, most of the major supermarkets stock them from time to time and they can cost as little as €20, they’re economical to run, and they’re perfect for cooking cheaper cuts of meat.

26/01/2017   by Corinna Hardgrave  

Time to get warmed up for winter

These recipe videos only take 30 seconds to watch, and once your stew is simmering away you can relax in front of the fire!

26/10/2016   by Aileen McGloin  


Recipes, Winter

Healthy eating on a student budget

My housemates preferred takeaways and ready-made meals over cooking homemade meals and they used to wonder how so much of their money kept “disappearing”.

13/10/2016   by Niamh Dowling  


Recipes, Students

Weekday winner dinners

We’ve taken the most popular recipes on our website and filmed short videos on how to make them. Not surprisingly, most of those are recipes for quick and easy dinners.

08/09/2016   by Aileen McGloin