Save time and money with your freezer

Being a student on a budget, I have learned some tips and tricks to save money and still be able to eat well.

29/06/2017   by Niamh Dowling  

Obesity as a disease

For the vast majority of families, making changes to the food they eat can have a really positive impact on their weight and health. For others, whose weight is classed as​ obese, it's important to recognize that they need extra help from a health professional.

08/06/2017   by Marian O’Reilly  



Shortcut to exam success

With exam time upon us, students all over the island are going to extreme lengths in order to achieve top results.

01/06/2017   by Carrie Crowley  


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Having people round for food? - Avoid uninvited guests!

If you are hosting people at home, you’ll probably be cooking foods for more people than usual, possibly cooking foods that you don’t cook very often and storing larger amounts of food than usual. For these reasons, it’s essential to plan ahead to make sure you do this safely.

30/05/2017   by Mairead McCann  

What is your child drinking?

Sugary drinks are linked with weight gain and tooth decay. They include fizzy drinks, squashes, cordials, juice drinks and energy drinks. As part of our Childhood Obesity campaign one of our key messages was to replace sugary drinks with water.

06/04/2017   by Anne Parle