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6 Healthy Habits for kids

  • Reducing Portion Sizes

    They're children, give them child sized portions.

    Reducing Portion Sizes More Tips >
  • Managing Treat Foods

    Keep treats exactly that - treats!

    Managing Treat Foods More Tips >
  • Replacing Sugary Drinks

    Give water instead of sugary drinks.

    Replacing Sugary Drinks More Tips >
  • Make Being Active Fun

    Being active doesn't have to be all at once and it doesn't have to be sport.

    Make Being Active Fun More Tips >
  • Less Screen-Time

    Aim for less than 2hrs of screen time (TV + Computer) a day

    Less Screen-Time More Tips >
  • Encouraging More Sleep

    Children need sleep to grow and develop.

    Encouraging More Sleep More Tips >

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Research now shows that not getting enough sleep can be another factor in children becoming overweight, which could lead to heart disease and even cancer as they get older. So let's make bedtime, sleeptime. #ItsBedtime.

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